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Hello all,

It's official, the band name game is over & we have a winner! After months of debate, we've come up with a name we're collectively satisfied with.

We have a full set of originals, are in the studio working on a demo and media, and will be gigging regularly in Toronto by the end of February.

The only thing that was holding us from sharing this with everyone, was a band name. Now that we've chosen one, a website is to follow and should be up within the next week.

As it grows, it should feature MP3s, gig dates, live footage, etc. and will no doubt be a great way to interact with us  and find out what's new through our regular updates.

I'll keep everyone posted, and hope to see those of you in town at the shows, we'd really appreciate it. However for now I'd like to let everyone know the new band name is


Hope all is well with all of you :) Thanks in advance for sharing our excitement :)

                                             January 19, 2005

 thank you
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